Cluster Templates

This section describes the usage of cluster templates in the KKP.

Cluster templates are designed to standardize and simplify the creation of Kubernetes clusters. A cluster template is a reusable cluster template object. The more details about cluster template you can find here: cluster template guide

Create Cluster Template

There are two ways to create cluster template. First, you can do this during the cluster creation in the last Summary step:

Create from cluster wizard

Press button Save Cluster Template to create the template. Now you can specify the name and scope.

The newly created cluster template is visible in Cluster Templates menu:

Create from cluster wizard

You can also create a cluster template in this view. You will be redirected to the cluster creation wizard.

Using Cluster Templates

On the right side, you can find the action buttons:

  • Edit Cluster Template
  • Create Clusters from Template
  • Delete Cluster Template

Create Clusters from Template

User can pick the desired template and specify number of cluster instances. The cluster template doesn’t create any link to the clusters. They work independently.

Create from cluster template wizard

Edit Cluster Template

From cluster template list, users can select to edit the cluster template, the wizard will walk you through each step from the cluster template creation wizard. Edit cluster template

Finally, user can choose to either update the existing cluster template or create a new cluster template that contains all the modifications.

Create from cluster template wizard

Delete Cluster Template

Delete from cluster template wizard