Tutorials & How-tos

Are you just embarking on your cloud adoption journey but feeling a bit overwhelmed on how to get started? Then you’re in the right place here.

The purpose of our tutorials is to show how to accomplish a goal that is larger than a single task. Typically a tutorial page has several sections, each of which has a sequence of steps. In our tutorials, we provide detailed walk-throughs of how to get started with Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP).

Let’s start simple! In the following step-by-step instructions, you’ll learn how to work with the Kubermatic UI dashboard and prepare new themes for it.

And now let’s dive a little deeper. In our How-To sections, you’ll find helpful information which is necessary for the operation part: How to scale or upgrade the control plane during runtime, how to customize monitoring, logging & alerting or how to set up the monitoring stack.

Our tutorials include surface-level explanations and link to related concept topics for deep explanations.