KKP supports creating user clusters on Nutanix™ hyper-converged infrastructure. To use the Nutanix integration, a Nutanix Prism Central installation that exposes the Prism Central v3 API is required.

Configuration of Nutanix credentials can be done through Presets or by providing them during the cluster creation wizard, same as with other providers.


CSI Driver

The CSI driver takes several configuration values to configure access to a Prism Element instance (these credentials are different from also needed Prism Central credentials). For Presets, these settings are prefixed with csi. In addition, Prism Element Storage Class Settings allow tuning the Kubernetes StorageClass created by KKP. The default values for that are:

  • Storage Container: SelfServiceContainer (sets the Nutanix Storage Container used to store volumes created by the driver)
  • FS Type: xfs (the filesystem used for created volumes)

When creating a user cluster via UI or API, these settings can be adjusted if needed. The StorageClass created by KKP is named ntnx-csi. Additional StorageClasses using the Nutanix CSI driver can be created manually.

VM Images

Images to create VMs from need to be provided and can be configured in the datacenter spec when configuring a Seed to include a Nutanix Datacenter. The following OS images are tested and supported:

Credentials and Permissions

A Nutanix user cluster in KKP requires two sets of credentials:

  • Prism Central credentials for management of infrastructure resources and VMs
  • Prism Element credentials for configuring and using the CSI driver

During cluster creation or in a Preset, you will be prompted to configure a Nutanix target cluster. Make sure that your Prism Element credentials match the Nutanix cluster that you are planning to use.

Prism Central

The credentials to access Prism Central require the Prism Central Admin role, due to its management of categories to group resources.

Network access to Prism Central via the configured port is needed from the seed cluster, as seed components will communicate with Prism Central. Make sure your network architecture and firewall settings allow this access.

Prism Element

Due to requirements by the CSI driver, the Prism Element credentials require the Cluster Admin role.

Network access to Prism Element via the configured port is required from the user cluster, as the CSI driver runs on the user cluster nodes. Make sure your network architecture and firewall settings allow this access.