Import DigitalOcean Cluster

You can add an existing DigitalOcean KubeOne cluster and then manage it using KKP.

  • Navigate to KubeOne Clusters page.

  • Click Import KubeOne Cluster button.

Import KubeOne Cluster

  • Pick DigitalOcean provider.

Select Provider

  • Provide cluster Manifest config yaml, SSH private key and SSH key Passphrase (if any) used to create the cluster you are importing, to access the KubeOne cluster using KKP.

Cluster Settings

  • Provide Credentials in either of the below mentioned ways:
    • Select a pre-created preset which stores the provider specific credentials.

    • Manually enter the credentials Token used to create the KubeOne cluster you are importing.

DigitalOcean credentials

  • Review provided settings and click Import KubeOne Cluster.