Dynamic Datacenters

Dynamic Datacenters

Dynamic Datacenters view in the Admin Panel allows Administrators to control the datacenters available in KKP. The most important capabilities that this view provides are listing, filtering, creating, editing and deleting datacenters. All of these will be described below.

Listing & Filtering Datacenters

Besides traditional list functionalities the Dynamic Datacenter view provides filtering options. Datacenters can be filtered by:

  • Seed
  • Country
  • Provider

Filters are applied together, that means result datacenters have to match all the filtering criteria.

Creating & Editing Datacenters

Datacenters can be added after clicking on the plus icon in the top right corner of the Dynamic Datacenters view. To edit datacenter Administrator should click on the pencil icon that appears after putting mouse over one of the rows with datacenters.

In both cases the dialog will look very similar but in the edit mode not all fields can be changed. Provider and seed can be set only during the datacenter creation.

Edit Datacenter

Edit Datacenter

Fields available in the dialogs:

  • Name
  • Provider
  • Seed
  • Country - country where datacenter is located.
  • Location - precise location of the datacenter, i.e. city where it is located.
  • Required Email Domains - only users from the specified domains will be able to use this datacenter.
  • Enforce Pod Security Policy - enforces pod security policy in all clusters using this datacenter.
  • Enforce Audit Logging - enforces audit logging in all clusters using this datacenter.
  • Provider Configuration - provider configuration in the YAML format.

Deleting Datacenters

Datacenters can be deleted after clicking on the trash icon that appears after putting mouse over one of the rows with datacenters.

Delete Datacenter