Custom Links

Custom Links section in the Admin Panel allows user to control the way custom links are displayed in the Kubermatic Dashboard. Choose the place that suits you best, whether it is a sidebar, footer or a help & support panel.

Admin Panel

Custom links have following properties:

  • Label - label displayed next to the icon or in the tooltip if the link is located in the footer.
  • URL - target location of the custom link.
  • Icon - path of the icon inside or outside the container can be used, i.e. /assets/images/icons/custom.png or It can be also left empty, then KKP UI with try to auto discover the icon based on the provided URL.
  • Location - links can be placed in the footer, sidebar and help & support section.

Use the form to add and delete custom links visible in the KKP UI. The changes should be visible immediately after performing any changes.

API Documentation

After enabling API documentation checkbox API Documentation link will be shown in the KKP UI help panel. It links to the KKP API documentation.

Help Panel

API Documentation

Terms of Service

After enabling terms of service checkbox Terms of Service link will be shown in the KKP UI footer. It links to the page with terms of use information.

Demo Information

After enabling demo information checkbox Demo system information will be shown in the KKP UI footer.

What’s New

After enabling What’s new checkbox What's New option will be shown in the KKP UI help panel. It opens a dialog which displays new features and breaking or action required changes in the current release.

Help Panel

Please visit Changelog for more information about this feature.