Cluster Settings

Interface section in the Admin Panel allows user to control various cluster-related settings. They can influence cluster creation, management and cleanup after deletion.

Defaults Cluster Settings

Cleanup on Cluster Deletion

This section controls cluster cleanup settings available inside cluster delete dialog.

Enable by Default

Controls the checkboxes in the dialog. When selected, cleanup checkboxes will be checked by default.


Controls the status of checkboxes in the dialog. When selected, cleanup checkboxes will be disabled and user will not be able to check/uncheck them.

Machine Deployment

This section controls the default number of initial Machine Deployment replicas. It can be seen and changed in the cluster creation wizard on the Initial Nodes step and also on the add/edit machine deployment dialog on the cluster details.

Cluster Creation Wizard - Initial Nodes Step


User Projects Limit

This setting controls how project creation will be handled by the Kubermatic. The administrator can control if regular users should be able to create projects. There is also an option to control maximum number of projects that regular users will be able to create. The User Projects Limit is controlled on a per-user basis and affects only non-admin users.

Resource Filter

Resource Filter settings provide an easy way to control the size of machines used to create user clusters. The administrator can also control if selection of instances with GPU should be possible. Every node size that does not match the specified criteria will be filtered out and not displayed to the user.