Support Policy

Supported KKP Versions

KKP versions are expressed as x.y.z, where x is the major version, y is the minor version, and z is the patch version.

KKP follows the Kubernetes release model and cycle, though for practical reasons releases are a bit delayed to ensure compatibility with Kubernetes. In general, the latest three minor versions of KKP are supported. With the release of a new minor KKP version, support for the oldest supported KKP version is dropped.

Release Cycle

New KKP versions are released in a semi-fixed cadence. Actual release dates might vary due to a lack of changes to warrant a release or due to urgent fixes that cannot wait for the next release window. As such, the following release rhythms are given as orientation only and do not constitute guaranteed release dates.

  • Patch releases are scheduled monthly.
  • Minor releases are scheduled triannual.
  • Major releases have no fixed schedule and will only happen when KKP changes in a substantial way.