Enterprise Edition

Why is there Enterprise Edition and Community Edition

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) is an open-source product, and both the Community Edition and the Enterprise Edition are available to download from GitHub. However, there are some extra features that are only available in the Enterprise Edition of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

Extra Features of Enterprise Edition

Multiple seed clustersIndependent management zones for edge, cloud and on-premise sites.
OPA - Allowlist for Docker registries + APIAllows users to set which image registries are allowed, so only workloads from those registries can be deployed on user clusters.
MeteringScheduled consumption reports for KKP admins generated automatically by datacenters and projects.
Resource QuotasKKP admins can define consumption caps for different projects.
Group Project bindingsProjects can be bound to user groups defined in your authentication provider.
Edge capabilitiesIndependent operation from the control plane and workload allocation among different clusters.

How to use Enterprise Edition

If you are willing to use Enterprise Edition, you’ll need to insert a secret during the installation. In order to own this secret, you will need to be our customer. If you are interested in being our customer, please contact us or check our AWS marketplace listing.