Troubleshoot GitHub Actions Pipeline

In case that some step failed in the pipeline, go to the Actions or CI/CD menu and open a specific pipeline run, see the details of the failed step, see the GitHub example below.

Failed Pipeline

Failed Pipeline

There may be various root causes inside the pipeline, in the above step you can see that the GITHUB_TOKEN was not set properly (missing secret definition).

Other examples of the issues may be:

  • Missing credentials or invalid permissions - would cause a failure of terraform plan or apply job
  • Invalid paths or no such file errors - probably caused by updating the structure and not properly updating the workflow
  • Unable to update DNS - this means that in your AWS account, you don’t have a managed zone that is matching the KKP endpoint
  • Flux fails on bootstrap - see the options of the flux bootstrap command, your repository may be public and managed by organization, not personal one and private. Just update the parameters in the flux-bootstrap job

Example command when repository is public and managed by organization:

flux bootstrap github --owner=<org-name> --repository=<repo-name> --branch=main --personal=false \
  --private=false --path flux/clusters/master`

In general in case of any failure, we recommend trying the steps locally (following the instructions in README-local-(github|gitlab|bitbucket).md) and find the right cause of the problem.