Start with KKP

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What is start.kubermatic?

A web application and additional tools that bootstraps your Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform within a few minutes in an automated way with applied GitOps principles.

This documentation provides you with the details of your journey.

High-level Flow

High-level Flow

Check the Concepts page before starting to understand the used tools and prerequisites.

Follow the steps in Guides for a detailed explanation of all steps and understanding of generated content.

Last but not least, there are a bunch of Operations and Troubleshooting Guides ready for you as well.


This project should serve mainly for the onboarding purposes and easiness to start with KKP.

Make sure that you fully understand all parts and perform internal security checks before making your setup a production ready.

At any stage or with more complex deployment options, feel free to reach the Kubermatic’s Professional Services team or use the Kubermatic Community Slack - #start-kubermatic channel.

You can install KKP from scratch by following our KKP Installation guide.