Upgrading from 2.16 to 2.17

[EE] End of support for kubermatic Helm Chart

After the Kubermatic Operator has been introduced as a beta in version 2.14, it is now the recommended way of installing and managing KKP. This means that the kubermatic Helm chart was deprecated as of version 2.15 and starting from version 2.17 it is not supported any longer.

The Kubermatic Operator does not support previously deprecated features like the datacenters.yaml or the full feature set of the kubermatic chart’s customization options. Instead, datacenters have to be converted to Seed resources, while the chart configuration must be converted to a KubermaticConfiguration. The Kubermatic Installer offers commands to perform these conversions automatically.

Note that the following customization options are not yet supported in the Kubermatic Operator:

  • maxParallelReconcile (always defaults to 10)
  • Node and Pod affinities, node selectors for the KKP components
  • Worker goroutine count for the KKP components

End of support for CoreOS Container Linux

KKP 2.17 completely dropped support for CoreOS Container Linux, since it is end-of-life since May 2020 and no longer receives updates. Before upgrading your KKP installation be sure that none of the user clusters is still using CoreOS operating system.

You can find some information about how to handle the migration here.

Upgrade paths

Depending on the installation method you have to chose one of the following upgrade paths: