Enable Operating System Manager

This page describes how to enable Operating System Manager for seed and for the cluster.

Seed Level

Since OSM is in experimental phase, it is currently not enabled by default. To enable OSM, edit KubermaticConfiguration as follows:

  • Enable feature gate for OperatingSystemManager in KubermaticConfiguration. Modify spec.featureGates and include OperatingSystemManager in the list.
# Snippet, not a complete file!
apiVersion: kubermatic.k8c.io/v1
kind: KubermaticConfiguration
  name: <<mykubermatic>>
  namespace: kubermatic
  # FeatureGates are used to optionally enable certain features.
    OperatingSystemManager: true

NOTE: This doesn’t enable or deploy OSM on the user cluster. It just ensures that all the required resources/pre-requisites are deployed on the seed.

Cluster Level

Via UI

Create a new cluster from the dashboard and toggle Operating System Manager feature on.

Enable OSM during cluster creation

Enable OSM during cluster creation

NOTE: Once the cluster is created, OSM cannot be disabled or enabled.


On cluster creation, set the following values in Cluster resource:

apiVersion: kubermatic.k8c.io/v1
kind: Cluster
  name: crh4xbxz5f
  enableOperatingSystemManager: true

Provisioning User Cluster Using OSM

Once KKP Operating System Manager(OSM) is enabled on seed and user cluster level, users have the possibility to provision user clusters using OSM. To enable machine controller to pick up the right operating system profile, each machine deployment needs to be annotated with the chosen profile. OSM ships default operating system profile by default, once the feature is enabled on the user cluster, default OSPs will be available in the cluster namespace in the seed. For instance, if a users would like to enable osm provisioning for a machine that runs Ubuntu as an operating system, they should a specific annotation accordingly:

apiVersion: "cluster.k8s.io/v1alpha1"
kind: MachineDeployment
    "k8c.io/operating-system-profile": "osp-ubuntu"

NOTE: At the moment, it is not possible to choose an operating system profile and attach to a machine deployment in the UI.