Get Access to Kubernetes Cluster

You can either login to created EC2 instance and use the /etc/kubernetes/admin.conf or if you want to have access to your Master Kubernetes cluster locally, follow these steps.


Make sure that you have following tools installed locally:

1. Retrieve Terraform State

Make sure that you have environment variables for accessing AWS set (AWS_PROFILE or AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY).

Value of s3 bucket name used for storing Terraform state can be found at the file.

cd terraform
terraform init -backend-config="bucket=tf-state-kkp-<bucket-suffix>" -backend-config="region=eu-west-1"
terraform output -json > output.json

2. Prepare SSH Agent with SSH Key

KubeOne tools requires SSH access to your instances, see documentation for more details.

cd ../kubeone
eval ssh-agent
ssh-add ../k8s_rsa

3. Use KubeOne to retrieve kubeconfig

kubeone kubeconfig -m kubeone.yaml -t ../terraform/output.json > kubeconfig
export KUBECONFIG=`pwd`/kubeconfig
kubectl get nodes

Now you should see details of your control planes and worker nodes.