Cluster Network Configuration

KKP API provides several networking parameters that can be defined for each user cluster. These can be configured via KKP API endpoint for managing clusters:


The networking parameters are configurable in spec.clusterNetwork. Some of them can be also configured via KKP UI on the Cluster configuration page, as shown below:

KKP UI - Network Configuration

When no explicit value for a setting is provided, the default value is applied. The following table summarizes the parameters configurable via spec.clusterNetwork in the cluster API with their default values:

ParameterDefault ValueDescription
pods.cidrBlocks[] ([] for Kubevirt)The network ranges from which POD networks are allocated.
services.cidrBlocks[] ([] for Kubevirt)The network ranges from which service VIPs are allocated.
proxyModeipvskube-proxy mode (ipvs/ iptables).
dnsDomaincluster.localDomain name for k8s services.
ipvs.strictArptrue for ipvs proxyMode, false otherwiseIf enabled, configures arp_ignore and arp_announce kernel parameters to avoid answering ARP queries from kube-ipvs0 interface.
nodeLocalDNSCacheEnabledtrueEnables NodeLocal DNS Cache feature.
konnectivityEnabledfalseEnables Konnectivity service for control plane to node network communication. Requires KonnectivityService feature gate in the KubermaticConfiguration to be enabled.