Operating Systems Support Matrix

Kubernetes Node Operating System

Kubermatic supports a multitude of operating systems. One of the unique features of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform is the possibility to recombine different machine deployments and operating systems even in one cluster. If you intend to use more than one type of OS and/or CRI in one K8s cluster, please consult with Kubermatic Support.

The operating systems below are currently supported by Kubermatic:

  • RHEL beginning with 8.0 (support is cloud provider-specific)
  • CentOS beginning with 7.4 excluding stream versions
  • Ubuntu LTS beginning with 18.04
  • Flatcar (Stable channel)
  • SLES beginning with 15.0 (only on AWS)
  • Ubuntu 20.04

There could be more in the future since change is constant. This page will constantly be updated each time there is a new supported operating system.