Upgrading from 2.7 to 2.8

After modifying the values.yaml files according to the information below, you merely need to re-apply helm charts upgrade from the release/2.8 branch.

Changes to values.yaml

An automated values.yaml converter for 2.7->2.8 is available in the release/2.8 branch of the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) Installer.

Docker Registry Credentials Merger

The docker registry credentials for Docker Hub and Quay located at kubermatic->docker->secret and kubermatic->quay->secret respectively, have been merged into a single secret at kubermatic->imagePullSecretData. The base64-encoded values need to be simply decoded, the resulting JSONs merged and then base64 encoded again before storing at the new location.


A new boolean field kubermatic->isMaster has been added with the following possible values:

  • true for the master cluster
  • false for all other seed clusters


The following values for cert-manager have been moved from the YAML top level to the certManager section:

  • replicaCount
  • image


IAP proxy has been added to control access to the monitoring stack using oauth instead of static credentials. Refer to values.example.yaml for an example on how to configure the IAP proxy. At the same time, the following basic-auth configuration options can be removed:

  • alertmanager->auth
  • grafana->host
  • grafana->user
  • grafana->password
  • prometheus->auth


The section kubeStateMetrics->externalLabels has been removed.

Prometheus Backups

A boolean config value prometheus->backups has been added to toggle the creation of metrics' backups.

Minio Backups

A boolean config value minio->backups has been added to toggle the creation of backups.


The following top-level values are now gone:

  • createCustomResource
  • rbac