Manage a Cluster

Manage a Cluster

Cluster Overview

Via the menu item “Manage Cluster” you can display your active clusters.

Cluster list

Basic Cluster Information

The dashboard provides you with all important cluster information. You can check the status of your master components and worker nodes.

Cluster details

Adding New Nodes to Your Cluster

You can easily extend your cluster with new worker nodes. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) will automatically configure them and integrate them into your cluster.

Add node deployment dialog

Connect to the Cluster

KKP automatically creates your clusters kubeconfig file. It can be downloaded using the icon button on the left of the “Add Node Deployment” button.

To connect to your cluster configure kubectl command line tool to use your kubeconfig file

export KUBECONFIG=$PWD/<your-config-file>

You are now able to proxy into your cluster and run your favorite kubectl commands!

export KUBECONFIG=$(pwd)/<your-config-file>
kubectl get nodes

NAME                          STATUS    ROLES     AGE       VERSION
kubermatic-4js24fv79x-4cqsc   Ready     <none>    1h        v1.10.3
kubermatic-4js24fv79x-r2b9r   Ready     <none>    1h        v1.10.3
kubermatic-4js24fv79x-z2xn5   Ready     <none>    1h        v1.10.3