Update List of Selectable Kubernetes Versions

Update List of Selectable Kubernetes Versions

The list of selectable versions when specifying cluster name and Kubernetes version is defined in the file versions.yaml. You’ll find it in your Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP) installer clone directory:

git clone git@github.com:kubermatic/kubermatic-installer.git
cd kubermatic-installer/
ls charts/kubermatic/static/master/

Inside the versions file the supported releases of Kubernetes as well as the selection of the default one are defined. The file format is YAML.

# Kubernetes 1.14
- version: "v1.14.0"
  default: false
- version: "v1.14.1"
  default: false
# Insecure https://github.com/kubernetes/kubernetes/issues/78308
#- version: "v1.14.2"
#  default: false
- version: "v1.14.3"
  default: true
# Kubernetes 1.15
- version: "v1.15.0"
  default: false

As you can see it is a list containing the two keys version and default. Here the values of version are the Kubernetes versions as string and prefixed by the letter “v”. They correspondent with the tags of the according versions of the Kubernetes repository. The possible values of default are true or false, where only one of the versions can be marked as default.

We also list insecure versions, but they are commented out and contain a link to the according issue. So they aren’t listed in the selection dialog and you can see why.

Note: Try to keep this tradition when you’re adding new Kubernetes releases to the list. This way potential later addings don’t add missing releases by accident.

As default version we normally choose the latest patch of the predecessor subversion. While you manually still can select any other supported release KKP will recommend this way the most mature version to you.

After editing the list KKP has to be upgraded by using helm.

cd kubermatic-installer/charts/kubermatic
vim static/master/versions.yaml
helm upgrade kubermatic .

Afterwards the new version settings are available.