OIDC Provider Configuration

This manual explains how to configure OIDC providers to use them with Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP).

Default Configuration

By default KKP uses Dex located on the same host, using the following base URL:



  • PROTOCOL is currently used protocol
  • HOST is currently used host

Base URL is followed by following query parameters:



  • BASE_URL is the OIDC provider base URL
  • RESPONSE_TYPE is set to id_token
  • CLIENT_ID is set to kubermatic
  • REDIRECT_URI is set to <PROTOCOL>//<HOST>/projects which is root view of the application
  • SCOPE is set to openid email profile groups
  • NONCE is randomly generated, 32 character-long string

Custom Configuration

The default configuration can be changed as KKP supports other OIDC providers as well. Configuration can be found in the config.json file, that is part of the application configuration. Check the Creating the Master Cluster values.yaml to find out how to specify the config.

In the config it is allowed to specify two optional parameters:

  • oidc_provider_url that can be used to change the base URL of the OIDC provider (BASE_URL)
  • oidc_provider_scope that can be used to change the scope of the OIDC provider (SCOPE)

A configuration of a OIDC provider may look like this:

  "cleanup_cluster":  false,
  "custom_links": [],
  "default_node_count": 3,
  "openstack": {
    "wizard_use_default_user": false
  "share_kubeconfig": false,
  "show_demo_info": false,
  "show_terms_of_service": false,
  "oidc_provider_url": "https://keycloak.kubermatic.test/auth/realms/test/protocol/openid-connect/auth",
  "oidc_provider_scope": "openid email profile roles"