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Example Usage

Based on the number of Pods & Nodes in a cluster, the resource usage differs. Below some values we identified by testing with the clusterloader tool.


As each user cluster contains an etcd StatefulSet with 3 pods, it requires 3 5GB volumes. 5GB might be for some scenarios too big, therefore the size can be configured cluster-wide via the values.yaml.

CPU & Memory

Medium HA Cluster


  • 3 API Servers
  • 100 Nodes
  • 500 Pods

Resource usage:

NAME                                  CPU(cores)   MEMORY(bytes)
apiserver-88967d5c9-9chfn             513m         783Mi
apiserver-88967d5c9-cqq6z             257m         662Mi
apiserver-88967d5c9-xj2h2             446m         639Mi
controller-manager-7f86977967-cmdj9   75m          143Mi
dns-resolver-b88b48ddc-lsbxp          1m           7Mi
dns-resolver-b88b48ddc-zjgvl          1m           7Mi
etcd-0                                63m          285Mi
etcd-1                                86m          331Mi
etcd-2                                72m          351Mi
kube-state-metrics-6bc577c974-9927q   18m          47Mi
machine-controller-7678c8668b-n5fzz   28m          25Mi
openvpn-server-b967fd79-26vqv         1m           3Mi
prometheus-0                          17m          238Mi
scheduler-85c7699468-mmqrq            14m          71Mi


  • Memory: ~3590Mi
  • CPU: ~1592m

Small Cluster


  • 1 API Servers
  • 10 Nodes
  • 100 Pods

Resource usage:

NAME                                  CPU(cores)   MEMORY(bytes)
apiserver-57b447b75f-gvz5s            150m         518Mi
controller-manager-5cd975b49-qsqvs    29m          85Mi
dns-resolver-58cb9fdcb5-4tzw6         1m           7Mi
dns-resolver-58cb9fdcb5-zm4wq         1m           7Mi
etcd-0                                20m          48Mi
etcd-1                                23m          51Mi
etcd-2                                41m          76Mi
kube-state-metrics-7cc464c7d8-7tbrl   2m           19Mi
machine-controller-d89b4f87f-mxbx2    5m           17Mi
openvpn-server-5979c74b64-msrzx       1m           2Mi
prometheus-0                          6m           118Mi
scheduler-76b5f555fc-qwswn            8m           37Mi


  • Memory: ~985Mi
  • CPU: ~287m