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Kubermatic User

Initially Kubermatic does not know about any user that can access the Dashboard, because those are managed by the configured OIDC.

When a user authenticates for the first time at the Dashboard, an internal User representation is created based on the values provided by the OIDC.

Example User representation:

kind: User
  name: e0465fecc52a995ab349675d2ecad3189d18cdfa93f0a52693e6d33ec23af3b1
  admin: false
  id: 70c6e2727e9ef316188e56e574105486438ae38064c66464213ba1e4_KUBE
  name: Jane Doe

Initial Admin

After the installation of Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform you need to set an initial admin. To do so make sure the account logged in once at the Kubermatic Dashboard.

Now you can edit the user with kubectl edit user command in the master cluster.

Setting the admin flag to true will provide admin access to the user.

This is useful to set an initial admin account. The account is than capable to set admin permissions via the dashboard .