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Customize the KKP Deployment

You were given the pre-configured setup in a declarative form, feel free to touch any parts of the terraform, kubeone or kubermatic configurations according to your needs.

Documentation for KubeOne and Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform should be helpful in these cases.

Do you want to install more applications or provide new Kubernetes resources? Just add or update them in the flux directory.

For example, create a new KKP project and assign it to your existing user:

# file: flux/clusters/master/kubermatic/internal-project.yaml
kind: Project
  name: 8wtyahtwlq
  name: internal
  phase: Active
kind: UserProjectBinding
  name: ilmepndbvt
  group: owners-8wtyahtwlq
  projectId: 8wtyahtwlq

Do you want to enable authentication in the KKP using Google or other OIDC providers? Just update the kubermatic/values.yaml, see the Connectors in dex documentation.

And how to apply all of the above? Guess … yes, GitOps way…

Pipeline will take care of updating the environment for you.