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Cluster Network Configuration

KKP API provides several networking parameters that can be defined for each user cluster. These can be configured via KKP API endpoint for managing clusters:


The networking parameters are configurable in spec.clusterNetwork. Some of them can be also configured via KKP UI on the Cluster configuration page, as shown below:

KKP UI - Network Configuration

When no explicit value for a setting is provided, the default value is applied. The following table summarizes the parameters configurable via spec.clusterNetwork in the cluster API with their default values:

Parameter Default Value Description
pods.cidrBlocks [] ([] for Kubevirt) The network ranges from which POD networks are allocated.
services.cidrBlocks [] ([] for Kubevirt) The network ranges from which service VIPs are allocated.
proxyMode ipvs kube-proxy mode (ipvs/ iptables).
dnsDomain cluster.local Domain name for k8s services.
ipvs.strictArp true for ipvs proxyMode, false otherwise If enabled, configures arp_ignore and arp_announce kernel parameters to avoid answering ARP queries from kube-ipvs0 interface.
nodeLocalDNSCacheEnabled true Enables NodeLocal DNS Cache feature.
konnectivityEnabled false Enables Konnectivity service for control plane to node network communication. Requires KonnectivityService feature gate in the KubermaticConfiguration to be enabled.