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KKP Components Versioning

Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform Components

The following list is only eligible for the version that is currently available. Kubermatic has a strong emphasis on the security and reliability of the provided software and releases updates regularly. Therefore this list might be outdated by a patch or minor version change. The most accurate available component list is present in the used Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform installation itself.

KKP Components Version
backup/velero 1.6.3
cert-manager 1.5.2
iap (identity aware proxy) 7.0.1
kubermatic 2.18.0
kubermatic operator 2.18.0
logging/loki 2.1.0
logging/promtail 2.1.0
minio release.2021-08-20t18-32-01z
monitoring/alertmanager 0.22.2
monitoring/blackbox-exporter 0.18.0
monitoring/grafana 8.1.2
monitoring/helm-exporter 0.4.3
monitoring/karma 0.89
monitoring/kube-state-metrics 2.2.0
monitoring/node-exporter 1.2.2
monitoring/prometheus 2.29.1
nginx-ingress-controller 0.49.0
oauth 2.22.0
s3-exporter 0.5
telemetry 0.1.0