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Comparing KubeOne with Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform (KKP)

Feature/Capability KubeOne KKP
Provision Kubernetes Cluster Run one cluster Built to operate 1000x of clusters
Support for HA (multi-node) control-planes yes yes
Manage Cluster Lifecycle (Update/Delete etc.) One at a time Many at once
CNCF conformant “vanilla” Kubernetes yes, certified yes, certified
Kubernetes Control Plane VM based Runs inside Master K8s cluster, Pod based (as Container)
Maintenance effort medium, each cluster must be operated individually very low, full automation
Self healing clusters Mostly, but in case of an outage of a master node, manual work is required yes, via running Kubernetes control plane inside of Kubernetes
User interface CLI Web UI, REST API
User management - yes, including multi-tenancy
Automatic Backups - yes, via Velero
Multi cluster Logging - yes, via EFK stack
Multi cluster Metrics Collection - yes, via Prometheus
Multi cluster Graphing - yes, via Grafana
Integration into identity providers Individual per cluster Central for all clusters: AD/LDAP, GitHub, SAML 2.0, GitLab, OpenID Connect, … etc.
Deploy cluster addons - yes
Service Accounts for automation/integration - yes
Cluster blueprints and presets - yes
SSH Key management for worker node access yes yes
White labeling - yes
Built for Cloud/Service Provider - yes