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What is KubeOne?

Kubermatic KubeOne automates cluster operations on all your cloud, on-prem, edge, and IoT environments. It comes as a CLI that allows you to manage the full lifecycle of your clusters, including installing and provisioning, upgrading, repairing, and unprovisioning your Kubernetes clusters.


Easily Deploy Your Highly Available Cluster On Any Infrastructure

KubeOne works on any infrastructure out of the box. All you need to do is to provision the infrastructure and let KubeOne know about it. KubeOne will take care of setting up a production ready Highly Available cluster!

KubeOne natively supports the most popular providers, including AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, GCP, Hetzner Cloud, Nutanix, OpenStack, VMware Cloud Director, and VMware vSphere. The natively supported providers enjoy additional features such as integration with Terraform and Kubermatic machine-controller.

Kubernetes Conformance Certified

KubeOne is a Kubernetes Conformance Certified installer with support for all upstream-supported Kubernetes versions.

Declarative Cluster Definition

Define all your clusters declaratively, in a form of a YAML manifest. You describe what features you want and KubeOne takes care of setting them up.

Integration With Terraform

The built-in integration with Terraform, allows you to easily provision your infrastructure using Terraform and let KubeOne take all the needed information from the Terraform state.

Integration With Cluster-API and Kubermatic machine-controller

Manage your worker nodes declaratively by utilizing the Cluster-API and Kubermatic machine-controller. Create, remove, upgrade, or scale your worker nodes using kubectl.

Getting Started

Check out the Getting Started section to learn how to install KubeOne and get started with it. If you want to learn more about how KubeOne works, you can check out the Concepts and the Architecture documents.

Getting Involved

We very appreciate contributions! If you want to contribute or have an idea for a new feature or improvement, please check out our contributing guide.

If you have any question or if you’d like to discuss about improvements and new features, connect with us over the forums or Slack: