Quick Start

This Quick Start guide shows how you can quickly get started with KubeOne and create your first cluster.


Before getting started, make sure that you’ve the following prerequisites satisfied:

Creating A Cluster Using KubeOne

The first step when creating a new cluster is to create the infrastructure where the cluster will be provisioned. That can be done by following the Creating Infrastructure Using Example Terraform Configs guide. Once you have the needed infrastructure, follow the Provisioning guide to provision a cluster using KubeOne.

To find what operating systems and Kubernetes versions are supported by KubeOne, check out the Compatibility document.

Learn More

Once you have the cluster in the place, you can check other guides to learn how to use KubeOne to maintain your cluster. We recommend checking at least the following guides:

If you want to learn more about tools and concepts used by KubeOne, we recommend checking the Concepts document.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on: