Custom Registry


It’s possible to configure the central docker image registry to pull images from.

The registryConfiguration.overwriteRegistry specifies a custom Docker registry which will be used for all images required by the KubeOne and KubeAdm. This also applies to addons deployed by KubeOne. This field doesn’t modify the user/organization part of the image. For example, if overwriteRegistry is set to, image called calico/cni would translate to

kind: KubeOneCluster
name: demo-cluster

  kubernetes: "1.18.6"

  overwriteRegistry: "my.supercool.registry" (requires linux)

There is a hack/ script to help retag images from the public registries to your custom registry. The following commands will retag those images.

$ curl -L -o
$ chmod +x
$ export KUBERNETES_VERSION=1.18.6
$ export TARGET_REGISTRY=my.supercool.registry
$ ./