This sections shows how to create the needed infrastructure for a KubeOne-managed Kubernetes cluster.

All required infrastructure for the cluster along with instances needed for control plane nodes are managed by the user. It can be done manually or by integrating with tools such as Terraform.

To make it easier to get started, we provide example Terraform configs that you can use to create the needed infrastructure. You can find out how to get started with the example configs by following the Using Example Terrafrom configs guide.

Additionally, KubeOne integrates with Terraform by reading the Terraform state for the information about the cluster. You can use the KubeOne Terraform Integration regardless of do you use our example Terraform configs or your own Terraform configs. More information about the integration can be found in the KubeOne Terraform Integration document.

If you decide not to use our example Terraform configs, you should comply with the requirements specified in the Requirements document. Additionally, regardless of do you use our example Terraform configs or not, we highly advise checking the Production Recommendations document.