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What is KubeCarrier?

KubeCarrier is an open source project for managing services across multiple Kubernetes Clusters running on multiple clouds across multiple regions and provides facilities to provide these services to external users in a self service hub.


Story time!

Since the introduction of CustomResourceDefinitions, Kubernetes can be easily extended. Allowing you to create extensions of Kubernetes that leverage the same architecture and backend machinery that drive the success of the rest of Kubernetes.

This mechanism is used in the creation of Operators: application specific, higher-level extensions of Kubernetes that enable the Kubernetes-native management of more advanced workload. A whole range of Kubernetes Operators can be found on the operatorhub.io.

Installing such Kubernetes Operators allows you and your team to focus on your own business and automate the infrastructure management, e.g. Databases on Kubernetes.

All you have to do is to create a Database object and the Operator will do all the heavy lifting for you!

apiVersion: dboperator.example.io/v1
kind: Database
  name: my-db
spec: {} # DB configuration

Ok… but where does KubeCarrier fit into the picture?

Glad you asked!

> Automate the full life cycle

Now that operators are available and we can automate the whole life cycle of services and applications on Kubernetes, why do we still have to provision, reconfigure and teardown these services via emails and tickets?

KubeCarrier Catalog is built to automate the rest of an application life cycle, by giving you as a provider the tools to hand control over to your end users.

So they can create and use your services when they want and you can lean back, drink your coffee and take care of new features of your platform.

> Keep your overview, across multiple clouds

As your platform grows, you will also have to manage these services across multiple kubernetes clusters, running on multiple cloud providers, across multiple regions.

That’s where the KubeCarrier Cross Cluster Manager is getting into the picture. It helps you to locate, inspect and manage services across your whole platform. Independent of Cloud, Datacenter and Region.


KubeCarrier is just yet another Kubernetes Operator, using CustomResourceDefinitions and the Kubernetes Controller pattern to do its magic.

Checkout our Getting Started docs to see how easy it is to setup and play around with KubeCarrier.