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kubectl plugin

Install the KubeCarrier kubectl plugin

To install the KubeCarrier kubectl plugin, just visit the KubeCarrier release page, download the archive and put the contained kubecarrier binary into your $PATH as kubectl-kubecarrier.

Make sure the binary is executable.

If everything worked, you should now be setup with the kubecarrier plugin: (Your version should be way newer than this example)

$ kubectl kubecarrier version --full
branch: master
buildTime: "2020-02-25T14:03:31Z"
commit: a23bdbe
goVersion: go1.13
platform: linux/amd64
version: master-a23bdbe

Install KubeCarrier

To install KubeCarrier into a cluster, execute the kubectl kubecarrier setup command:

# make sure you are connected to the cluster,
# that you want to install KubeCarrier on
$ kubectl config current-context

# install KubeCarrier
$ kubectl kubecarrier setup
0.03s ✔  Create "kubecarrier-system" Namespace
0.19s ✔  Deploy KubeCarrier Operator
6.29s ✔  Deploy KubeCarrier

The kubectl kubecarrier setup command is idempotent, so its safe to just re-run it multiple times, if you encounter any error in your setup.

Take a look at Debugging Cheat Sheet if you encounter any issues by installation.